Angry Birds - Star Wars

Angry Birds - Star Wars Version 2.5.11 Demo

Angry Birds – Star Wars version

Since its earliest days humankind had thrived on tossing birds on unsuspecting evil pigs, devastating their structures and taking down as many evil pigs as possible. Oh, oops, sorry. Not since its earliest days, but rather since the release of Angry Birds. Since people couldn’t seem to get enough of launching birds with anger management issues at pigs with strong architectural tendencies many versions had been released to this peace loving game.
One of the most entertaining versions of Angry Birds is Angry Birds Star Wars. In this game you'll take part of an ongoing fierce war between the birds and the Empire's evil Pigtroopers. During the game you'll learn about a looming threat – the nefarious PIG STAR. You'll have to use all of your combat skills and finger sliding capabilities in order to get somewhere in this game!
So, if you're looking for a super fun game to pass time with, if you have no moral issues with savagely throwing raging birds at evil pigs and only if you don't have arthritis in your family, come and join this wild intergalactic adventure and give the evil Pigtroopers a run for their money!
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